Allied Heating and
Air Conditioning

We offer many solutions for large scale mechanical challenges. We are a licensed, bonded and insured mechanical contractor currently holding C20, C43, C36.

Allied Heating and Air Conditioning Co., has continued its consistent pattern of strong, controlled growth. The company is recognized as being one of the foremost specialty mechanical contractors in the greater Bay Area.

Our company history began in the early 1980’s when Mark Barger, sales engineer, approached Neil Anderson, an experienced hvac foreman about starting a business in the field.

Allied Heating and Air Conditioning Company was born on January 17th, 1984. In the years that followed, the corporation continued to foster its business growth into what has become one of the major mechanical contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Allied Mechanical supplemented its conventional hvac capabilities by making in-roads into plumbing; ever expanding Design/Build market by bringing into the company Detailers to provide BIM modeling, California Registered Mechanical Professional Engineers and related support staff.

Allied Heating and Air Conditioning Company is committed to unparalleled quality, performance, integrity and fairness in dealing with our clients, our vendors and our employees without exception. Our team of experienced and qualified professionals will continue to develop relationships based on teamwork, mutual trust, and value that result in safe and successful construction projects.